How art hives can benefit the community!

The Art Hives Network connects small and regenerative community arts studios together in order to build solidarity across geographic distances. This effort seeks to strengthen and promote the benefits of these inclusive, welcoming spaces across Canada, and throughout the world. Also known as ”public homeplaces,” these third spaces, create multiple opportunities for dialogue, skill sharing, and art making between people of differing socio-economic backgrounds, ages, cultures and abilities.

An Art Hive:

welcomes everyone as an artist and believes art making is a human behavior.
celebrates the strengths and creative capacities of individuals and communities.
fosters self-directed experiences of creativity, learning, and skill sharing. 
encourages emerging grass roots leaders of all ages.
provides free access as promoted by gift economy.
shares resources including the abundant materials available for creative reuse.
experiments with ideas through humble inquiry and arts-based research.
exchanges knowledge about funding strategies and economic development.
partners with colleges and universities to promote engaged scholarship.
gardens wherever possible to renew, regenerate, and spread seeds of social change.


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